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Out on Our Own - Volume 29, Issue 2

As I write this editorial, the coronavirus pandemic is having profound effects around the globe. In a time of uncertainty, stress, and fear, I try to think of the positives. For me, one positive is that I’m a freelancer. I have not lost any clients,…

Out on our Own - Volume 29, Issue 1

We are in an era where information is at our fingertips. If we need answers to our questions, we head straight to the internet and can come up with a search response within milliseconds.

Out on Our Own - Volume 28, Issue 4

This issue brings me pleasure and inspires me greatly, as I hope it does for our readers. Three freelancers-turned-entrepreneurs have taken the time and effort out of their very busy schedules to write in this edition of Out on Our Own about their…

Out on Our Own - Volume 28, Issue 3

It is a pleasure for me to share an article in this issue from our previous Out on Our Own (OOOO) section editor, Satyen Shenoy. For those that don’t know him, where have you been? Satyen, as he will describe, has been on the EMWA scene for many…

Out on Our Own - Volume 28, Issue 2

Back in 2016, the Out on Our Own editors reached out to groups in European countries who had established informal medical writers’ gatherings. It was great to see that groups had appeared in Germany, France, the UK, and the Netherlands. Here, I…

Out on Our Own - Volume 28, Issue 1

Surprisingly, many professionals still don’t fully appreciate how professional associations can help them in their career path. They may view associations as training grounds in a given field and forget or disregard all the other opportunities these…

Out on Our Own - Volume 27, Issue 4

This issue of Out on Our Own is jam-packed with essential tips for any new freelancers or those tempted to become freelancers. Taking that step to becoming a freelancer isn’t only about finding clients, there’s so much more involved that perhaps…


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