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After receiving her PhD in Pathology, Lisa started her career as a medical writer in the pharmaceutical industry at Napp Pharmaceuticals in 2000. In 2011, she joined Trilogy Writing & Consulting, a company specialised in providing medical writing. In addition to company management activities as Senior Partner and CEO, she continues to undertake client projects, writing a wide array of clinical documents and with a special interest in drug safety and patient information. She has experience of both communications and regulatory medical writing, and is also an experienced trainer of medical writers, regularly running and assessing workshops for the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA). Lisa is a member of EMWA’s Educational Committee, a member of TOPRA, PIPA, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.


Medical Communications - Volume 26, Issue 1

Well here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write: In this issue we learn how the Argentine Tango can make us better writers. Really! When our contributor, Susanne Geercken, told me that this was the topic she’d  chosen, I was both intrigued and…

Medical Communications - Volume 25, Issue 3

Anyone working in pharmacovigilance (PV) will already have spent many months working their way through the ever changing updates and reforms to the Risk Management Plan (RMP), and the newly legislated RMP summary. Those not working in PV will…

Abstracts from the EMWA Spring Conference Poster Session - Volume 25, Issue 2

At this year’s Spring Conference, EMWA was delighted to introduce a poster session. There was a wide variety of posters available – all relating to aspects of medical writing or of relevance to medical writers. The poster session is an excellent…

Winners of the Geoff Hall Scholarship Essay Competition - Volume 25, Issue 2

The Geoff Hall Scholarships (GHSs) are given in honour of a former President of EMWA. Geoff was a very special person, an extremely valued member of EMWA, and a very good friend to many EMWA members. He firmly believed that the future of EMWA lies…

Legislation and the lay audience: Challenges of communicating benefit and risk in the light of new regulations - Volume 24, Issue 4

There is a paradigm shift in the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies towards transparency and an emphasis on the benefit-risk ratio of medicines. The recent changes in legislation surrounding clinical documentation have produced…

Medical Communications - Volume 24, Issue 3

Dear all, However experienced you are, and whatever ‘level’ medical writer you may be, we all share the same pain… document review processes. Every medical writer has at least one horror story related to review cycles going awry, and the mere…

Special section: Winners of the Geoff Hall Scholarship essay competition - Volume 24, Issue 2

The Geoff Hall Scholarships (GHSs) are given in honour of a former President of EMWA. Geoff was a very special person, an extremely valued member of EMWA, and a very good friend to many EMWA members. He firmly believed that the future of EMWA lies…

Using social media as the patient's voice in the benefit-risk assessment of drugs: Are we ready? - Volume 24, Issue 2

There is no doubt that the public interest in healthcare-related issues is growing. This, coupled with the surge in the use of social media, leaves the pharmaceutical industry with a set of unique opportunities and challenges. The screening and…

Medical Communications - Volume 24, Issue 1

Dear all, A very warm welcome to the first issue of Medical Writing in 2015! This whole issue is dedicated to a subject very close to my heart (as I'm sure you're all well aware of by now) – plain language. Naturally, everyone benefits from text…

Post-approval regulatory writing - Volume 23, Issue 4

Very often in clinical development, we are focused solely on gaining marketing authorisation for our drugs – the scramble to be first to market, or to bring the next ‘blockbuster’ to patients. Phase I to Phase III is our primary goal. And to a…

Medical Communication - Volume 23, Issue 3

Imagine the scene… You'd like a new car. You'd like a top-of-the-range new car. And you'd like it for a decent price. So you have a look around, and pretty soon, you have a bundle of car brochures in your hand with a variety of models and prices. Do…

Medical Communication - Volume 23, Issue 2

Dear all, My first duty is to thank all of the new and aspiring medical writers who sent an entry to Head Office for the Geoff Hall Scholarship Award. The committee has awarded one scholarship this year, but we urge anyone who was not successful to…

Medical Communications - Volume 23, Issue 1

I must admit to feeling very strongly about information that is written for patients – both about the quality and the appropriateness of the information itself, and about how it is communicated. Thankfully, this topic is now enjoying some long…

Medical Communications - Volume 22, Issue 4

Meeting reports are an aspect of ‘medical’ and other technical writing that has had little discussion. The following might be of interest to medical writers asked to provide rapid, reliable, objective reports of various types of meeting. The United…

Medical Communications - Volume 22, Issue 3

Having left the office for 5 days to go to the EMWA Spring Conference, I returned to the obligatory email avalanche. While it was mostly junk (and unfortunately still no ‘congratulations on winning the lottery’ message…), there were some messages…

Announcing the Geoff Hall Memorial Scholarships - Volume 22, Issue 3

At the conference dinner in Manchester this year, the creation of two very special scholarships was announced. The scholarships are in memory of one of the founding fathers of EMWA, Geoff Hall, who sadly passed away in 2010. Geoff was not only a…

Medical Communication - Volume 22, Issue 2

I'm sitting down to write this having just returned from the DIA Euro meeting in Amsterdam. As always, it was a busy and successful meeting, with many ‘themes’ of presentations being given at once. However, this year there were many presentations…

Medical Communication - Volume 22, Issue 1

Introducing the Medical Communication section: The wild side of medical writing! Hello and welcome to a brand spanking new section of Medical Writing. When the Editor of Medical Writing, Phil Leventhal, approached me to create a new section,…


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