Medical Writing is a quarterly publication that aims to educate and inform medical writers in Europe and beyond. Each issue focuses on a specific theme, and all issues include feature articles and regular columns on topics relevant to the practice of medical writing. We welcome articles providing practical advice to medical writers; guidelines and reviews/summaries/updates of guidelines published elsewhere; original research; opinion pieces; interviews; and review articles.

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Upcoming Issues of Medical Writing

December 2023: Biotechnology

Biotechnology uses biological systems and living organisms in R&D and production processes. Biotechnologies include biologic and biosimilar pharmaceuticals like monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and advanced therapy medicinal products, including gene and cell therapies and tissue engineered products. In addition, biotechnologies support the product lifecycle, for instance, in non-clinical work using in silico, in vitro, and animal testing methods. Also, support services personnel like those in biobanks and supply chains require an understanding of biotechnology. This issue focuses on the crucial role of writing and communications in biotechnology and product development.

Guest Editor: Jennifer Bell

The deadline for feature articles has now passed.

March 2024: Translation

Medical translation is a complex and demanding field requiring specialised knowledge, skills, and expertise. In this issue, we explore a range of topics, including the role of medical translation in clinical trials and regulatory affairs, the importance of terminology management, the use of technology and machine translation, ethical and legal considerations, the impact of cultural differences, quality assurance and risk management, and the emerging trends and challenges in the field. This issue provides valuable insights into medical translation and its contribution to enabling communication with different audiences from different backgrounds.

Guest editors: Ana Sofia Correia and Claire Harmer

June 2024: Soft Skills for Medical Writers

Medical writing is a highly specialized field that requires a unique combination of technical knowledge, writing skills, and soft skills to produce high-quality work. While technical knowledge and writing skills are undoubtedly important, it is how one interacts with people that can truly set medical writers apart and enable them to succeed in their careers.  This issue will focus on how soft skills are used within the different areas of the medical writing industry, and we hope it will provide valuable insights and inspiration for medical writers at all stages of their careers.

Guest editors: Clare Chang and Nicole Bezuidenhout

Sep 2024: Clinical Trial Transparency and Disclosure

The clinical trial transparency and disclosure space continues to grow at pace. With the EU Clinical Trial Regulation being applicable since the launch of the Clinical Trials Information System in January 2022 comes increased requirements for public facing documents. Provision of a summary of clinical trial results in lay language is also now mandatory in the EU. Challenges continue in balancing protection of personal data of trial participants with transparency, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. All of these bring opportunities for Medical Writers to drive best practice in authoring clinical trial documents with disclosure in mind.

Guest editor(s): Holly Hanson and TBC

December 2024: Safety Writing

“Safety first” is the mantra throughout the life cycle of a medicine or medical device, starting from clinical research and going beyond marketing. This issue on Safety Writing focuses on the role of medical writers in writing about safety of drugs, devices and other interventions. It covers the documents we generate, the regulation and guidances, and the challenges and opportunities.

Guest editor(s): TBC

Special Note to Authors
We continue to receive many high-quality articles, but we are always happy to receive more on any topics of potential interest to medical writers. If you are interested in contributing an article or you have ideas for upcoming issues, please contact us at


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