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Nicole Bezuidenhout
Section Editor - Digital Communication


Nicole Bezuidenhout is a medical researcher and science communicator dedicated to being a part of creating better health for all. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, she’s currently based in Stockholm, Sweden, where she’s working towards a career in medical writing. After being awarded a Marie Sklodowska-Curie early stage researcher fellowship in 2017, she joined the European Innovative Training Network (ITN), TRANSMIT, to investigate mechanisms of ovarian cancer progression at the Karolinska Institute and the University of Bologna. In keeping with her interest and work in communicating science online, she is looking forward to contributing to MEW’s digital communication section in 2021.


Digital Communication - Volume 32, Issue 3

Embracing artificial intelligence in medical writing: A new era of efficiency and collaboration Authors:  Sofie Bergstrand, Catherine Heddle, Montse Sabaté, Marta Mas Section Editor: Nicole Bezuidenhout Artificial intelligence (AI) tools have…

Digital Communication - Open science in the digital age - Volume 31, Issue 4

Open science in the digital age  Medical Writing. 2022;31(4)70-72. Section Editor & Author: Nicole Bezuidenhout

Digital Communication - Volume 30, Issue 4

The past two years have confronted humanity with a variety of unprecedented challenges due to the far-reaching COVID-19 pandemic. In response to this tragedy have come monumental new advances in science and technology – namely the vaccines developed…

Digital Communication - Volume 30, Issue 2

Digital communication – bringing us closer Digital or online communication is second nature to us all – with more than half of the global population active on the internet, a world without it seems unimaginable. In recent years, digital…

Capitalising on social media marketing to raise confidence in COVID-19 public health information and vaccines - Volume 30, Issue 1

Widespread misinformation about COVID-19 has incited harmful behaviour that has undermined the public health response to the global pandemic, and posed a major threat to public health. To our detriment, social media has contributed to the spreading…


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