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Ivana Turek
Regulatory Affairs Manager


Ivana Turek is a nature loving person, who has passion for writing and reading. She finished her PhD in Pharmacy with a thesis on a plant metabolization by gut microbiota, at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Graz, Austria. In 2017, she won Jeffrey Harborne Prize for the best oral presentation and chaired sessions at various conferences. She is certified in good clinical practice and has experience in analytical chemistry – method development, marketing and regulatory affairs. She joined the EMWA and the editorial team to support the amazing publication “Medical Writing” that contains high-quality articles on various subjects. Her main                                                          hobbies are photography, hiking and gardening.



Transition to the EU Clinical Trials Regulation: Trick or treat? - Volume 32, Issue 1

Medical Writing. 2023;32(1)28-33. etiquette in clinical trial research requires companies to respect rules and to be precise and accurate. The new EU Clinical Trials Regulation 536/2014 (EU CTR) pushes companies and health authorities one step further – to be more flexible and…

Editorial - Volume 32, Issue 1

Unsung heroes: The medical writer’s role in clinical trials The medical writer is heavily involved in clinical trials from A to Z and even beyond. Although we are not in the frontline, our role is nevertheless crucial as we develop most of the…

Getting Your Foot in the Door - Volume 31, Issue 4

Contributors: Bruna Landeira (author), Ivana Turek (section editor) What piece of advice do aspiring medical writers tend to ignore? - Bruna Landeira Medical Writing. 2022;31(4)86-87.

Getting Your Foot in the Door - Volume 31, Issue 3

Contributors: Sophie Ash (author), Ivana Turek (section editor) From burned-out nanny to six-figure business owner: Sophie's road to success Sophie Ash Medical Writing. 2022;31(3)96-97. Ivana Turek (section…

Getting Your Foot in the Door - Volume 31, Issue 2

“Pharmacists can only work in pharmacy”. False! Prior to my studies in pharmacy, I thought so until I had an introductory course at the university and heard about many career opportunities after completing a diploma. Still, the lecturers stressed…

Getting Your Foot in the Door - Volume 31, Issue 1

“Do your homework, knowledge is power!” my teachers used to say. Yes, we learn a lot during our education, respect the rules of the system, and we rely on that knowledge. However, once that stage is over, we are overwhelmed with possibilities and…

Getting Your Foot in the Door - Volume 30, Issue 2

Below, two young colleagues share their experiences as mentees and the benefits they gained from such programmes. First, Geneviève Laumen tells it from the perspective of being part of an organised, structured mentorship. Next, Ivana Turek shares…

Beyond limits – Leading at the Edge - Volume 30, Issue 2

Every member of a working group or a team has a defined role, such as that of a leader or a mentor. Although every role has its own distinct definition, a great mentor can be a great leader and vice versa. One of the finest mentor leaders, explorer…


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