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Alison has been a medical writer for the pharmaceutical industry for more than 25 years, and has written extensively for regulatory authorities, and other audiences. She became a medical writer after completing her PhD and a further 5 years of postdoctoral research in molecular virology. Her wealth of experience as a medical writer encompasses many different types of documents including manuscripts, book chapters, and clinical and scientific abstracts, as well as clinical study reports, investigator brochures and other regulatory documents. Alison has been a workshop leader for EMWA for over 15 years. She currently serves as a committee member on the EMWA Special Interest Group on Regulatory Public Disclosure and previously served on the EMWA Professional Development Committee.


Regulatory Public Disclosure - Volume 32, Issue 3

Editorial Sam Hamilton (author and section editor) Medical Writing. 2023;32(3):91–95. Clinical Data Publication (Policy 0070) relaunch Alison McIntosh (author) In preparation for the relaunch of EMA Clinical…

In the Bookstores - Volume 32, Issue 1

Medical writing books on a budget Allison McIntosh has collected several shelves of books on medical writing. In this article, she provides a selected list of books that can be purchased for less than £10 (approximately €10). Contributors: Alison…

In the Bookstores - Volume 31, Issue 2

In the Bookstores - Volume 31, Issue 1

As the authors of this book, Koen Cobbaert and Gert Bos, state “software joins the dots, by connecting patients with healthcare professionals and breaking down the boundaries between everyday objects, medical devices, and medicine.” As a medical…

In the Bookstores - Volume 29, Issue 4

Last year, I wrote my first poem – 10 lines of free verse that, after three rejections and 229 days in queue, was purchased and published. Although I have been selling short stories since 2016, poetry is something new for me, undiscovered territory,…

In the Bookstores - Volume 29, Issue 3

In the Bookstores - Volume 28, Issue 4

How to read a paper – the basics of evidencebased medicine and health care (sixth edition)

In the Bookstores - Volume 28, Issue 3

Yellowlees Douglas is a con sult - ant on writing and organisations and an associate professor in the Center for Management Com - munication at the University of Florida, USA. Maria B Grant is a professor of ophthalmology at the University of…

In the Bookstores - Volume 27, Issue 4

In Strategic Scientific and Medical Writing: The Road to Success, Pieter Joubert and Silvia Rogers describe how to identify the target audience, construct key messages, and recognise the desired outcome of your document to make your writing more…

In the Bookstores - Volume 27, Issue 3

Health Literacy FromA to Z: Practical ways to communicate your health message (Second Edition) By Helen Osborne, M.Ed., OTR/L

In the Bookstores - Volume 27, Issue 2

An Introduction to Pharmac - ovigilance is a compelling read and one that both new and experienced medical writers will find useful for providing a suc - cinct, yet thorough, overview of today’s current drug safety requirements. Patrick Waller and…

Editorial - Volume 27, Issue 2

A paradigm shift in clinical trial data reporting is occurring as data becomes increasingly publically accessible. The EMA was the first regulatory authority to publish clinical data included in marketing authorisation applications.

In the Bookstores - Volume 27, Issue 1

In an ideal world, the deluge of information that comes our way from the tax office, insurance com pa nies, lawyers, computer software compa - nies, and suchlike would be written in plain English. Sadly, the reader is often left with the impression…

In the Bookstores - Volume 26, Issue 4

Publishing Your Medical Research (Second Edition)Daniel W. ByrneWolters Kluwer, 2017Daniel Byrne has taught courses on biostatistics and medical writing at Vanderbilt University since 1999. He wrote the first edition of Publishing Your Medical…

In the Bookstores - Volume 26, Issue 2

What Every Medical Writer Needs to Know: Questions and Answers for the Serious Medical Author They say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but the title of this book lends itself to curiosity. In What Every Medical Writer Needs to Know, Dr Robert B.…

Never say never! Returning to full-time employment after freelancing - Volume 25, Issue 1

Alison McIntosh successfully operated as a freelance medical writer for 14 years and gave up the ‘flexible lifestyle’ of a selfemployed freelance medical writer to become a full time employee. She has joined a growing band of ‘decentralised’ office…

In the Bookstores - Volume 24, Issue 3

There are no new book reviews in this issue of Medical Writing. However, upcoming book reviews in future issues of the journal should include: Writing for Science Journals: Tips, Tricks, and a Learning Planwritten by Geoffrey Hart and reviewed by…

In the Bookstores - Volume 23, Issue 4

An Introduction to Systematic Reviews by David Gough, Sandy Oliver, and James Thomas; SAGE Publications Ltd, 2013. ISBN: 978-1-849-20181-0. 26.99 GBP. 304 pages.

In the Bookstores - Volume 23, Issue 1

To satisfy the inquisitive mind, Oxford University Press has since the year 2000 published books offering ‘A Very Short Introduction’ to a whole range of subjects. For example, 2013 saw the publication of introductory guides to, among other topics,…

In the Bookstores - Volume 22, Issue 4

This book is regarded by many as the holy grail of reference manuals. For those not familiar with the great tome it contains a massive amount of information regarding ‘publication style and format for scientific papers, journal articles, books, and…

What can twitter do for me? - Volume 22, Issue 3

Like everything, the usefulness of twitter depends on what the user does with it. Here is an assortment of information that can be obtained if you selectively follow organisations with twitter accounts relevant to your interests or…

In the Bookstores - Volume 21, Issue 4

A useful reference for writing pharmacovigilance documents Like other areas of medical writing, pharmacovigilance (PV) medical writing has many detailed regulations, guidance documents, and templates associated with it. As such, there is a…

In the Bookstores - Volume 21, Issue 1

All you ever wanted to know about pandemics – and then some A warning, for those with a nervous disposition this is not a book for you; if you have an obsessive compulsive nature and go around cleaning door handles after others have touched…



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