Medical Writing Artificial intelligence and Digital Health Digitalisation in long-term care: An issue for medical writers?

Volume 28, Issue 4 - Artificial intelligence and Digital Health

Digitalisation in long-term care: An issue for medical writers?


Digitalisation within the healthcare sector, particularly in long-term care, comes with implementation problems. Accepting digitalisation in caregiving as patient and healthcare professional depends on the understanding of the scope and application area of digital supportive systems. Good practice standards in medical writing may help to convey digital health contexts for a wide range of target groups.

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Table of Contents
Artificial intelligence and digital health
President's Message
Medical writing in the era of artificial intelligence
Blockchain in healthcare, research, and scientific publishing
Embracing a new friendship: Artificial intelligence and medical writers
Drug development and medical writing in the digital world
Intelligent use of artificial intelligence for systematic reviews of medical devices
What medical writers need to know about regulatory approval of mobile health and digital healthcare devices
Digitalisation in long-term care: An issue for medical writers?
An introduction to medical affairs for medical writers
A primer on anonymisation
Sound, microphone, action: Podcasts for medical writers
Regulatory Matters
News from the EMA
Lingua Franca and Beyond
In the Bookstores
Getting Your Foot in the Door
Medical Devices
Veterinary Medical Writing
Teaching Medical Writing
Journal Watch
Medical Communications and Writing for Patients
Good Writing Practice
Out on Our Own
Upcoming issues of Medical Writing

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