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Volume 22, Issue 2 - Medical Writing Around the World

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The medical profession has a well-deserved reputation for atrocious handwriting, which has undoubtedly led to many mishaps in patient care. Sometimes, however, problems in interpreting doctor's writing, as those of us who have worked on publications know, is their choice of words, word order, or spelling. The following is taken from the internet (and thus I cannot vouch for the veracity of any of these) and claims to be actual unedited doctor's notes. Indeed, I have seen things not very different from these in Case Report Forms from Clinical Studies. It is presented for your consideration and enjoyment, as well as a caution to be careful with your writing.

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Medical writing around the world
Message from the President
The yin and yang of medical writing in China
The changing face of medical writing in India
Medical writing in India at a crossroads
Medical writing in the Middle East
Medical writing in Finland
On the western edge of Europe – medical writing in Portugal
Announcing AERTeM, the Spanish Association of Medical Writers
From editors abroad into businesswomen back in Brazil
Science writing workshops for AIDS vaccine researchers in Africa
Medical postcard from Australia, the world's largest island
Teaching English for Medical Academic Purposes at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, Serbia
Regulatory medical writing in Switzerland
Medical writing in the Russian Federation: Promises and pitfalls
Report on the EMA Workshop on clinical trial data and transparency
Potential implications of wider data transparency in medical communications
The need for registration of preclinical studies
Mentorship in EMWA: A perspective
In the Bookstores
The Webscout
Regulatory Writing
English Grammar and Style
Medical Journalism
Medical Communication
The Light Stuff
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