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Volume 27, Issue 4 - Patient-reported outcomes

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In a follow-up to the excellent article from Douglas Fiebig on how to use your review cycle effectively, this issue presents an extremely insightful article from Diana Radovan on how to help reviewers to communicate better with writers. Diana has more than 10 years’ experience in clinical development and scientific research, including preparation of regulatory documents and scientific publications. She has worked on both the client and vendor sides of the equation and so offers us her unique perspective on the writer/reviewer relationship.


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Measuring health outcomes: The foundation of contemporary healthcare decision-making
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Quality of life measures – an overview
Publication planning and patient-reported outcomes: Demonstrating value in a multi-stakeholder era
Patient-reported outcome measure translation: An overview
Systematic hospital collection of patient-reported outcome data via patient apps
The PROMIS of electronic patient-reported outcomes
Interview with Professor Matthias Rose on developing patient-reported outcomes and the PROMIS initiative
The UK pharmaceutical industry braces for Brexit, be it mild, severe, or doomsday
Awareness of medical writing as a profession and its career prospects
Estimands – closing the gap between study design and analysis
Protecting the rights of clinical trial patients through disclosure: The significance of plain language
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