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Volume 24, Issue 1 - Plain Language and Readability

Medical Communications


Dear all,

A very warm welcome to the first issue of Medical Writing in 2015!

This whole issue is dedicated to a subject very close to my heart (as I'm sure you're all well aware of by now) – plain language. Naturally, everyone benefits from text that is clearly constructed and easy to understand. But if English is not your first language, or your general literacy level is not too high, or you're elderly and perhaps in the first stages of a neurodegenerative disease, or you're frightened by anything ‘medical’, or you've just been told some devastating news by a doctor, or one of many, many other reasons…….clear text and clear messaging are not just ‘nice to have' – they are crucial, and can literally be the difference between life and death.



Plain language and readability
President's Message
Time to make it shorter: Plain English in our context
How CDC is promoting a clear communication culture
Making leaflets clearer for patients
Online plain English and readability resources
Get real: Avoiding corporate gobbledygook
Transferring regulation into practice: The challenges of the new layperson summary of clinical trial results
Profile: An interview with Art Gertel on the Budapest Working Group
News from the EMA
The Webscout
In the Bookstores
English Grammar and Style Revising medical writing Reasons not rules: Backtracking, pronoun-induced Part 2 – Single syntactic unit revision
Regulatory Writing Briefing documents: A case apart
Medical Communications
Lingua Franca and Beyond
Out on Our Own

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