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Volume 24, Issue 3 - The Medical Writing Business

Lingua Franca and Beyond


Business models in the field of medical and regulatory writing – can you think of a more suitable topic for discussing: collaboration, team working, and sharing complementary skills across different native languages? In this issue of Medical Writing, we have articles written by Julia Archbold and Amy Whereat who present different points of view concerning global business models. Both authors are Australian, which makes it even more global - welcome Australia to the European community of medical writers! Julia lives mainly in Australia and started her professional career in medical writing following a successful career in biomedical research; Amy lives in France and has several years of experience working as a medical writer and medical communications consultant.


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In this issue… The Medical Writing Business
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Setting up and running a medical writing company
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The Section of Scientific Publications at the Texas Heart Institute
Is cheap outsourcing a threat to your career?
Successfully outsourcing medical writing
Freelancing – Are you ready to go solo?
News from the EMA
European Science Editing: May 2015 picks
Profile: An interview with Dawn Bentley: How personal branding can advance your professional career!
The Webscout
In the Bookstores
Regulatory Writing: New developments in public disclosure of clinical trials
Lingua Franca and Beyond
Gained in Translation
HIV research fraudster handed stiff prison sentence
English Grammar and Style: Good Writing Practice
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Medical Communications
Out On Our Own

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