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Volume 26, Issue 1 - Writing better

Lingua Franca and Beyond


This issue of Medical Writing is devoted to the improvement of our writing skills. Can you think of a better topic for our section? There is always room for improvement; whatever you do, and whatever you write improving your skills is a challenge, but for medical writers for whom English is not the first language, this challenge is often much more difficult to tackle.

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Writing Better
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Advancing the Medical Writing profession: The Joint Position Statement on the Role of Professional Medical Writers
AMWA-EMWA-ISMPP Joint Position Statement on the Role of Professional Medical Writers
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Finding the action in your writing: Avoiding nominalisation
Removing the dead wood
Writing economically in medicine and science: Tips for tackling wordiness
How to shorten a text by up to 30% and improve clarity without losing information
Troublesome words
Can you recognise the four main ways that English sentences can be structured?
Three strategies to help you write clearly for a lay audience
Structuring paragraphs
A checklist to improve your writing
Results of the 2016 EMWA member survey
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Profile: An Interview with Michael Markie - an open science and open data advocate
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