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Well here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write: In this issue we learn how the Argentine Tango can make us better writers. Really! When our contributor, Susanne Geercken, told me that this was the topic she’d  chosen, I was both intrigued and astounded – how on earth do those two worlds collide? I knew from the Dublin conference that medical writers liked to dance, but we don’t usually incorporate it into our professional life. However, I knew we were in very safe hands, and if anyone could merge these two disciplines, it would be Susanne. Susanne has worked as a medical translator, writer and workshop leader since the early 1990s. Her two areas of passion are languages (she is a trained translator for English and Spanish and also speaks French and Portuguese) and dancing. She has been a ballroom dancer for more than 20 years and an enthusiastic Tango Argentino dancer since 2012. Therefore, I eagerly awaited the email alert, and was certainly not disappointed. I am delighted to be able to present Susanne’s excellent article to you – if you are at all like me, you will find it inspiring, you will learn something from it, and if it doesn’t make you both smile and want to jump into your dancing shoes, I’ll eat my hat! After this issue, I expect to see much more dancing at the EMWA conferences! The gauntlet is thrown…


  1. Aki Kaurismäki in Midsummer Night’s Tango (2013). Documentary. A film by Viviane Blumenschein



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