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Veterinary Medical Writing - Volume 29, Issue 2

All three articles in this Veterinary Medical Writing section were written when COVID-19 was not classified as a pandemic. Yet all three articles tie into the current narrative of regulation in veterinary medicine and the need for communication…

Veterinary Medical Writing - Volume 29, Issue 1

Cemile Jakupoglu of Cyton AH Biosciences GmbH and Maggie Fisher of Veterinary Research Management give the Veterinary Medical Writing section of the journal an overview of some major changes involved in therevision of the “Guideline on the conduct…

Veterinary Medical Writing - Volume 28, Issue 4

Why re-invent the wheel? There are inventions and lessons learned that we can implement from human medicine. We herein report an easy option to acquire routinely collected data to foster research as already practiced in human medicine.

Veterinary Medical Writing - Volume 28, Issue 3

Like many medical writers, I started in another career first. For me, it was practising veterinary medicine in a clinic, then going into clinical research in humans, and then on to medical writing. Designing clinical trials, sample size…

Veterinary Medical Writing - Volume 28, Issue 2

With veterinary treatment options becoming more diverse and advancing rapidly, the demand for veterinary medical writers is growing. Currently we are a growing group of vets in EMWA and we look forward to welcoming more colleagues to our…

Veterinary Medical Writing - Volume 28, Issue 1

I know all the stereotypes about vets. We work as clinicians as seen in All Creatures Great and Small and are intrinsically motivated to help every animal we cross. And yes, that is partly true. There are three major pillars in which vets can work.…


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