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Kimi Uegaki
Section Editor - The Crofter: Sustainable Communications


Kimi Uegaki, PhD, is a freelance medical writer with a background in health technology assessment, epidemiology, and physical therapy. She has experience with medical communications and regulatory writing. Kimi is a member of the Sustainability Special Interest Group and is a section editor for Medical Writing. Her research expertise and interests also include infectious diseases, medical devices, mental health, neurological disorders, and public and occupational health.


The Crofter: Sustainable Communications - Volume 33, Issue 1

Section Editor: Kimi Uegaki Breaking barriers in sustainable development in East Africa: How Lightup Impact is leveraging communications to shift the power to the right actors Authors: Nicole Bezuidenhout, Valeria Santoro, Jeniffer Muganda …

The Crofter: Sustainable Communications - Volume 32, Issue 4

EditorialSection Editor: Kimi Uegaki Growing and nurturing a grassroots sustainability team in a clinical centre Authors: Sarah Kabani, Virginie Chasseigne, Sihame Chkair Medical Writing. 2023;32(4):87–89.

The Crofter: Sustainable Communications - Volume 32, Issue 3

Editorial Kimi Uegaki (section editor) Medical Writing. 2023(3):105. Why environmental sustainability requires us to focus on our handprint – and write about it Egid van Bree (author) Environmental sustainability has gained increasing attention…

The Crofter: Sustainable Communications - Volume 32, Issue 2

Rising to the challenge of sustainability in healthcare communications Climate change is among the greatest global challenges facing humanity, and although progress on tackling the issue is slow, the pharmaceutical industry is taking it seriously.…

The Crofter: Sustainable Communications - Volume 32, Issue 1

Sustainable supply As medical writers/ communicators who provide services to pharmaceutical companies, we are part of a pharmaceutical company’s supply chain. In this issue, we follow-up on EMWA’s November 2022 Expert Series Seminar (ESS) on…

The Crofter: Sustainable Communications - Volume 31, Issue 4

Medical Writing. 2022;31(4)74-77. Contributors: Paula Pinto, Sarah Kabani, Viviana Neviani, Kimi Uegaki (section editor)

The Crofter: Sustainable Communications - Volume 31, Issue 3

Contributors: Mariella Franker (author), Kimi Uegaki (section editor) Sustainable productivity: A new approach to work-life balance and helpful practices for introverts Mariella Franker Medical Writing. 2022;31(3)90-93.…

The Crofter: Sustainable Communications - Volume 31, Issue 2

Greeting from the croft! During my non-linear career path, there has been one recurring theme that always rang true: “Context matters”. As a physical therapist working in a rehabilitation centre, understanding my clients’ social roles, home…

The Crofter: Sustainable Communications - Volume 31, Issue 1

Greetings from the croft! As a member of the EMWA’s Sustainability Special Interest Group (SUSSIG), I’m excited about this issue of Medical Writing focusing on sustainability. There are so many aspects of sustainability and recently, the link to the…

Ins and outs of environmental risk assessments (ERA) of medicinal products for human use - Volume 31, Issue 1

An environmental risk assessment (ERA) is the process of evaluating the effects of drugs for human use on the environment. ERAs must accompany all new drug market authorisations in Europe. In this article, we discuss the current guidelines on ERAs…

Preventing biomedical research waste - Volume 31, Issue 1

An estimated 85% of efforts in biomedical research are wasted due to inefficiencies. This wastage represents a global financial loss of greater than US$200 billion per year, a barrier to practicing evidence-based medicine, and a considerable amount…

The Crofter: Sustainable Communications - Volume 30, Issue 4

Greetings from the croft! In this special issue on medical journalism, we have two contributions that discuss topics that have enjoyed attention in the press: 1. the emerging environmental problem because of the growing drug market for pets, and 2.…

The Crofter: Sustainable Communications - Volume 30, Issue 3

Greetings from the croft! In June, the Sustainability Special Interest Group (SUSSIG) marked its first year of existence and we have embarked on our second year with much enthusiasm. Kate Silverthorne has written an inspiring feature article in this…

The Crofter: Sustainable Communications - Volume 30, Issue 2

Greetings from the croft! I think it’s a neat coincidence that I have the pleasure to write my first editorial to this edition of The Crofter in the Medical Writing special issue on mentorship. I don’t have an official mentor but ever since I…

The Crofter: Sustainable Communications - Volume 30, Issue 1

Crofting is a sustainable way of living It is cold and grey, and the wind is strong this morning, carrying a dash of rain. The crofter wakes up early. There is a sick sheep in need of care. A cow should give birth at any moment. There is a storm…



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