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My First Medical Writing - Volume 29, Issue 4

Humans have long known intuitively that spending time in nature is beneficial for our health without understanding exactly how or why. Forty years of research has repeatedly shown that exposure to nature is indeed associated with a variety of…

My First Medical Writing - Volume 29, Issue 3

In this release of My First Medical Writing, I have the pleasure to share with you a great article written by aspiring medical writer Shirene Melissa Singh. With over 5 years of experience as a university educator and researcher, she is passionate…

Artificial intelligence and digital health - Volume 28, Issue 4

Artificial intelligence (AI) and digital health are changing the way we live and work. They are already and increasingly present in medicine and are slowly permeating the medical writing industry. For many medical writers, this raises the question…

My First Medical Writing - Volume 28, Issue 3

In this edition of My First Medical Writing, we welcome one of the first articles written by aspiring medical writer Mayya Sundukova. A physicist by training, Mayya pursued her PhD in neuroscience in SISSA, Italy, studying ion channels, and then…

My First Medical Writing - Volume 28, Issue 2

In this release of My First Medical Writing, we welcome one of the first articles written by Robin Sachdeva. Robin finished his PhD at Heidelberg University in Germany, and he is passionate about reading and writing about diabetes. Fortunately,…

Cheeky medical writers: Transitioning from academia to medical writing - Volume 28, Issue 1

Many PhDs and postdocs in academia realise that they do not have such a strong passion for the bench, so some dream of becoming medical writers, but they often lack the information, training, connections, experience, and (most importantly)…

My First Medical Writing - Volume 27, Issue 4

After the debut of the first edition of this section, I was honoured to be contacted by many aspiring medical writers eager to contribute and to showcase their writing skills. Among them, Matías Rey-Carrizo did anamazing job in translating a complex…

My First Medical Writing - Volume 27, Issue 3

We all have been at the first stages of our careers, knowing what we want to do but without much experience. This is the case of many aspiring medical writers who come out of academia with a burning desire to becomemedical writers but without much…

Editing - Volume 27, Issue 3

Medical writing is an umbrella term that involves not only writing but also editing and translating medical texts between different languages. While some of us will work specifically as editors in medicine or science, editing skills are paramount to…

EMWA News - Volume 27, Issue 1

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus has been credited with the idea that there is nothing perma - nent except change. This certainly pertains to EMWA as we celebrate our 25th year. The first EMWA meeting in 1992 had 32 participants with no workshops.…

EMWA News - Volume 26, Issue 4

The 45th EMWA Conference in Cascais, Portugal, has recently finished and we are all waiting for the upcoming annual event in Barcelona, Spain, next Spring. In the meantime, the Executive Committee is working hard on improving what EMWA has to offer…

Out on Our Own - Volume 26, Issue 3

Greetings, readers.For freelancers, receiving feedback is an important process for building a mutually productive relationship with a client. Positive feedback serves to encourage and helps develop core strengths, while constructive criticism is…

EMWA News - Volume 26, Issue 3

In this issue, we are bringing to you many updates on different aspects relevant to our medical writing community. Tim Koder from Oxford PharmaGenesis introduces the Open Pharma project, which aims to promote and aid a faster and more transparent…

EMWA News - Volume 26, Issue 2

What can I say? I am excited to be writing my first editorial as section editor of EMWA News. With Bea as my predecessor, I know I have some big shoes to fill and hope to be up to the task. In this issue, we share the latest news from our…

EMWA News - Volume 26, Issue 1

Time to say goodbye.As I will step down from my role as EMWA’s Public Relations Officer in May 2017, I will no longer be on top of the EMWA news and will, therefore, step down from my role as section editor. It is with great pleasure though that I…


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