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Volume 24, Issue 4 - Writing for Lay Audiences

Lingua Franca and Beyond


Knowing that the main theme of this issue of Medical Writing is writing for the lay audience, I was thinking hard about what would be the most relevant topic to discuss in the Lingua Franca and Beyond section. My thoughts went to a topic that bridges the lay audience with medical and regulatory writers (regardless of native language). A couple of months ago, I attended an investigator meeting; at the end, one of the Danish investigators congratulated the organisers, and said: ‘The meeting was just perfect; the only remark, we couldn't really follow all acronyms’. This made it clear for me that abbreviations and acronyms widely used in clinical development language and in medical publications are something that must be a problem for the lay audience, if it was a problem for medically educated people. Here we go – I have an excellent topic!



Writing for lay audiences
President's Message
Writing for lay audiences: A challenge for scientists
Patient education accessibility
Legislation and the lay audience: Challenges of communicating benefit and risk in the light of new regulations
Medical writing for two audiences – The RMP public summary
Layperson summaries of clinical trial results: Useful resources in the vacuum of regulatory guidance
Package leaflets for medication in the EU: The possibility of integrating patients’ perspectives in a regulated genre?
What do writers need to know about user testing?
Medical journalism: Another way to write about science
Elements of storytelling in medical journalism
A stroll through the medical blogosphere
Writing narrative style literature reviews
News from the EMA
Profile: An interview with Laura Carolina Collada Ali: On the peculiarities of working for independent research organisations
The Webscout
In the Bookstores
Regulatory Writing
Lingua Franca and Beyond
Gained in Translation
English Grammar and Style
Out On Our Own

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