Medical Writing Careers in medical writing Pharmaceutical writer or CRO writer – choosing the right path

Volume 28, Issue 1 - Careers in medical writing

Pharmaceutical writer or CRO writer – choosing the right path


The career choice is an unavoidable topic for those scientific graduates or experienced professionals in the areas of medicines or the pharmaceutical industry. The career of medical writing offers a series of career possibilities for the individuals with degrees in sciences or experienced professionals in the areas of medicine or the pharmaceutical industry. This article offers insights on starting and developing a medical writing career from the perspective of a writer in China who has worked in both clinical research organisations (CROs) and pharmaceutical companies. The variety of business needs, the requirements of key stakeholders, and project goals in the pharmaceutical companies and CROs lead to differences in the work styles and paces, prospects for career development, and pathways that allow talents to flourish in the field of medical writing. Similarly, the various writing roles lead to more opportunities of career choices and transitions.

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